Following Government Guidance, it is with regret that we must close the church doors for now; the heart and faith of our Parish remains alive however. More information can be found on this website and on our Facebook Page.

Norman's recordings

Additionally, Norman is making a recording each week in place of the service and you can listen to these on the recordings page.

Looking for something to do in lockdown?

If you are looking for something to pass the time, you could try these. Save these to your computer; you'll need Microsoft Excel to open them.
Identify the bands pictured here, bands.xls.
Identify the people pictured here as cartoons, people.xls.

What's on?

It is safe to assume that anything where there was going to be a few people in room together, has been cancelled until further notice; if you are in any doubt, contact the organiser for confirmation.

Limekilns Church

The Parish of Limekilns extends to the surrounding villages of Pattiesmuir, Crombie and Charlestown.

We have an active and outreaching membership. Our Mission: Gathering to Worship, Going out to Serve, Sharing Gods Love.

Message from the Minister

Dear friends, as we approach the end of our second week of social distancing there is almost a feeling of settling into a new way of living. It is still strange, but at least we know the rules.

None of this means life is easy. In fact, for most of us life has become difficult, and for some very difficult. Our lives, our society, in fact the whole world has been shaken by the spread of covid-19. We understand in a very physical way what the word pandemic means. We are only beginning to explore the psychological effects.

Like others, I suspect my initial response to this crisis was to look at what I would lose. Last week I talked about the loss I felt in not meeting in church for worship. This week I want to give thanks for the technology that allows us to continue in worship together.

Like others, I am beginning to ask questions about what is truly important in life. Instead of thinking about loss, I am looking at blessings. It turns out that the vast majority of my blessings are people.

All of this is experimental, we are learning as we go. Please be patient if or when we make mistakes.

I thank God for the NHS. Someone sent me a video clip that told of God's grace in a hospital cleaner. It made me think. Doctors and nurses are wonderful, but so are all the others that make the NHS work.

Take a moment and think of the number of people upon whom we depend. Where would we be without the crew of the bin lorry? What would we do without the staff of the power station? How lucky are we to have that good neighbour?

This week I am going to miss deeply the many gatherings that usually mark Holy Week and Easter. It will be a real loss. If Easter is anything it is the greatest blessing of all. With that in mind let us remember the many blessings we receive.

Just a wee reminder, you will find our Palm Sunday Service on the website, and also the daily meditations for Holy Week. These and other recordings are here: The recordings page.

May God bless you and all whom you love. Take care and keep praying.

Yours, Norman